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George N. Tzogopoulos
Education matters in China
?China has placed an emphasis on education for years, understanding its power to help reduce poverty and cultivate talents in fields such as artificial intelligence and international diplomacy.
China builds bridges for peace in the Middle East
China and Europe aim to overcome obstacles to strengthen ties
Turkiye's recalibration of foreign policy

Robert Griffiths
One hundred years of the CPC
Since the founding of the CPC a century ago, there have been many significant achievements which laid foundations for China's development of a modern industrial society.
The UK's long political crisis continues
Britain's monarchy, real and imagined
Conservatives brace for tough times following 'Partygate'

Tom Fowdy
?China's critical role in boosting global growth in 2023
Most countries of the world benefit significantly from globalization, and China, with its specific actions, shows that cooperation and economic engagement are better ways to ensure continued growth.
China-brokered deal in the Middle East brings prospects of peace
China's foreign policy in the new era
China's economic comeback demonstrates resilience

Shastri Ramachandaran
Northeast revival key test of supply-side reform
China's northeast, home to the old industrial bases for long, is on the brink of a major economic transformation.
Trump inaugural brings many fears, few cheers
Davos awaits Xi's pitch on responsive leadership
Premier Li keeps economy on course

Eugene Clark
Remaining resilient amid challenges
As the world faces numerous challenges on seemingly endless fronts, in order to succeed, humankind must pivot and remember that our future lies not in the hands of fate, but in our hands.
2022 Winter Paralympics: Lessons in life
Lessons for business in the Year of the Tiger?
Future trends for the legal service industry

John Ross
?CPC has delivered historical improvements for humanity
Over the past 100 years, the CPC has been responsible for leading by far the greatest improvement in the conditions of the greatest proportion of humanity in history.
A turning point for China and the world
China sets its sights on becoming a high-income economy
China's NPC tackles global slowdown and climate change

Dan Steinbock
From resurgences in US to spillovers in Americas
According to a new report, American states have been the most virus-affected relative to major economies, while the worst regional crisis is in the Americas. The economic implications are dire.
China's living standards will continue to rise
World-class lessons from Shanghai FTZ
Obama-Trump geopolitics changing US attitudes toward China, world

Jin Liangxiang
US value-based diplomacy undermines its alliances in the Middle East
The U.S.'s efforts to form alliances in the Middle East are based on outdated beliefs about the region's various actors and what they want to become.
Palestine issue: More must be done
What is really behind Iran's nuclear deadlock?
Biden's Middle East visit: A lip-service show

Tim Collard
What can be expected from Trump's tour of Asia?
Trump has damaged his position in Asia by a lack of clarity on trade issues and security issues. He now has an opportunity to provide clarity.
'Two Sessions' 2019: Seeking solutions across the board
Global strategy remains rooted in regional diplomacy
Decoding China's Ambassador to UK article

Heiko Khoo
Dark clouds over the US economy
Fumbling and bumbling at both federal and state levels mean the overall prospects for the real economy in the U.S. are worse than at any time since the 1930s.
Will the world economy return to normal soon?
The post-pandemic slump
COVID-19 adds to the world's economic woes

Niranjan Sahoo
Major takeaways from China-India strategic dialogue
The right way to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between India and China is to work on positives and pay no heed to critics.
Making sense of the UN climate summit
Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party wins landslide victory again
Will CDAC serve as a catalyst for Asian exchange?

Richard de Grijs
Continuing allegations of research misconduct require system reform
Chinese science is once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons; system reform from a focus on quantity to emphasis on research quality may be the solution.
Human space exploration gains momentum with China advance
Complex Chang'e-5 mission on track to benefit China's spaceflight roadmap and int'l collaboration
Beyond the first thrill of Chang'e 4 moon landing

Zhang Lijuan
Rethink about stakeholders in the antidumping chain
Whenever American commercial interests launch an antidumping action against China, the consequences can be bad for many other stakeholders in the supply chain.
Tougher trade policy does little for job creation
G20 for global economic governance
Make America's trade policy toward China sustainable

Shen Dingli
The uneven story of US-Japan relations
Despite his campaign rhetoric, Trump seems to be learning the rules of the game, and is likely to manage a delicate trilateral relationship with China and Japan.
Trump right to reaffirm US' commitment to one China
Trump's policies divide US, allies
One-China policy is nonnegotiable

Sumantra Maitra
The Migration crisis hits America
The tactic of unarmed masses mobbing and storming borders is here, and is here to stay. It happened in Europe, and it's happening in the U.S. now.
Paris riots reflect growing dissent in France
Europe's imperial delusions pose a real threat
Britain's Versailles moment

Mitchell Blatt
What is behind increase in US murder rate?
The rate of single-victim and mass murders in America has risen significantly in 2022.
America and two distinct failures of industry
How a massive train incident shook a sleepy American town
The importance of tea historically and today

Sajjad Malik
Understanding China's development model
China's development model has brought more than just prosperity to the country, as it also boosts global cooperation and development.
China's service sector becomes major FDI magnet
The need for multilateralism in time of COVID-19
China's journey down the digital highway

Giovanni Vimercati
Is Europe risking the most in the new Cold War?
A more impoverished Europe is likely if it gives up its political and economic sovereignty in favor of opposing Russia at the U.S.’s behest.
US-Cuba relations: too early to judge
Athens-Moscow: an (un)orthodox alliance?
Merkel dresses down Abe's revisionist tendencies

Jiang Shixue
Toward a better future of BRICS cooperation
Over the past decade, cooperation between BRICS members has resulted in great progress and helped to establish common ground.
The unlikelihood of a US-China decoupling
Challenges for the G20 in overcoming the pandemic
How emerging economies should weather the post-pandemic era

Xu Peixi
The NSA's Orwellian invasion of China
The US spy machine is out of control.
US government lets go of ICANN
Mrs. Obama's visit is a stitch in time
China awakens to its vulnerability to cyber attacks from the US

Yi Xianrong
How big is China's debt risk?
Only by totally abandoning the current growth model of relying on credit investment and the real estate industry, can China's economy get out of the dilemma.
Correctly assessing China's current economic growth
Lower growth target shows new economic priorities
Prospect of RMB depreciation depends on what China’s central bank wants

Fan Jishe
Nuclear security: The end of the beginning
Now that the Nuclear Security Summits are said to have served their purpose, it is time to translate political stances into additional concrete measures and investment in nuclear security.
'Strategic Patience': Failed US North Korea policy
Time to see the big picture of Korean nuke issue
Xi-Obama summit: Shaping the future Sino-US relations

Tylor Claggett
The end of US quantitative easing: What does it mean?
The end of QE3 will have several immediate implications. It also affects China.
Should the US increase its minimum wage?
Mistakes that drove Detroit's decline
Has American democracy lost its way?

Yu Ning
The PBC RRR cut and China's economic transformation
Both the economic data and liquidity figures from recent weeks point to increasing pressures for further and effective easing.
Cooperation on the 'Belt and Road Initiatives'
The deposit insurance system will promote financial reform
PPP model and its impact on APEC

Ember Swift
Subway matchmaking ads reveal marital trends in China
Matchmaking ads in Beijing subways suggest finding a marriage partner is getting more high-tech -- but little has changed.
Ways to beat the crowds during China's National Holiday
Possible solutions to rural teachers shortage
Regrets provide a tool for improved learning

Luo Huaiyu
Xi and Ma's handshake makes history
In terms of symbolism and in a very real sense, the Singapore handshake between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou is a huge step forward.
The hegemonic bus driver on tenterhooks
The US moral standing in Asia
The harmony of Chinese dreams

Danny Quah
The simple arithmetic of China's growth slowdown
China in 2015 is a very different economy from even just 10 years earlier. China has changed far more than the world has in this time.
Decoding the Middle-Income Trap
China's growth could address imbalance
The UK and the Eurozone in the shifting global economy

Mu Guangzong
Is another baby boom likely in relaxed birth control?
The population issue in China today is more a problem of an imbalanced demographic structure, and a super-low birth rate.
China has a long way to go to raise its fertility rate
Family policy can succeed only with support
Moving toward the ideal gender ratio

Zhou Shixin
Aung San Suu Kyi's visit to China
Regardless of which party wins the general election in Myanmar, the future government must attach importance to Myanmar's relations with China as China offers the strongest guarantee of Myanmar's prosperity.
Substantial progress in RCEP negotiations amid global trade turmoil
Achieving the FTAAP is the destiny of APEC
The AIIB boosts Asian confidence in connectivity

Wei Hongxia
What does the US-Cuba reconciliation mean?
The last vestiges of the Cold War in Latin America have been removed. The U.S. is resetting its relations with its southern neighbors and improving its image among them.
US diplomacy in 2014: Confidence and challenges
The impact of Obama's spring East Asia visit
Action stations

Zhao Jinglun
Obituary: Zhao Jinglun
Veteran journalist, academic and China.org.cn columnist Zhao Jinglun passed away Saturday morning at 5:55am.
The Ukraine crisis - who is responsible?
War is cruelty
World order and regime change
Will the world economy return to normal soon?
The post-pandemic slump
COVID-19 adds to the world's economic woes
The problem with Abenomics
Iran, Iraq and the American-created vortex
The Xi-Ma meeting sets historic milestone
'China Threat' not an excuse for US 'Asia-Pacific Pivot'
Common destiny needs stability
African upheaval: What should China do?
The coming challenges of Sino-US relations

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